Form - You’d take ski lessons, why not run lessons?

Running form.  It is a hotly debated topic.  Heel strike, midfoot strike, forefoot strike.  I did some…

Tiny cookies, one per ¾ mile race pace effort! #running #triathlon #treadmill #training

What the fu…. #spring #snow #burlon

Neat #triathlon #ironmantri

Fascinated by the wind and the rain! #botograph


shoelacesSo my lastest blog post over at ICEdot Athletes is all about tying your shoes.  It really is more interesting than it sounds!

Shoes, we put them on, lace them up and head out the door without a second thought.  Sometimes we have to stop and re-tie them.  Maybe they feel too tight or maybe they feel too loose.  How you lace your shoes can make a big difference.  Typically shoes are too loose at…

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Deja Vu

Deja Vu - Same race, different day…


I ran the Marden Marathon 10K last year for the first time. Timing and location wise was perfect so I ran it again in 2014.

2013 – 44:29.7 7:09/Mile 7th OA 4th Male 1st Masters
2014 – 44:36.7 7:10/mile 9th OA 6th Male 1st Masters

The only thing different about this year was the weather and Lisa came to watch and act as official team photographer. It was an absolutely beautiful morning for a run…

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Liquid Gold! #handpour #coffee #caffeine #sidema (at Tamp Coffee Co)

#tbt Death Valley on my 40th b-day! Can’t wait to go back at 42 for 42.2KM 👍

"What was that?" #botograph